Whats happened to Maia Arson crimew, blog is dead or still alive

maia arson crimew[a] (born Tillie Kottmann, aka deletescape and antiproprietary; born 7 August 1999) is a Swiss developer and computer hacker. Crimew worked in information technology as a teenager and became the founding developer of Lawnchair Launcher, a popular Android app launcher.

It is known for leaking source code and other data from companies including Intel and Nissan, and for discovering copies of the 2019 no-fly list on unsecured servers. Crimew was also part of the group that breached Verkada in March 2021 and accessed more than 150,000 cameras. Crimea cites anarchism, anti-capitalism, and their rejection of the concept of intellectual property as motivations for their hacking attacks.

In March 2021, Krimif was indicted by a U.S. grand jury for their alleged hacking activities between 2019 and 2021. These allegations have nothing to do with the Verkada hack. At the request of U.S. authorities, Swiss police searched her and her parents’ homes and seized their electronic devices. People showed their support using the hashtag #freetillie after the raid and Swiss magazine Republik compared her to Jeremy Hammond and Aaron Swartz.

In July 2020, crimew released source code from dozens of companies in a GitLab repository. She was credited as the author of Bleeping Computer’s Nintendo Gigaleak, but later told Tom’s Guide that Nintendo’s data wasn’t included in the July leak, and that she never posted Nintendo’s code to GitLab because the company “due to rapid Notorious for fighting”. On August 6, 2020, Crimew uploaded over 20 GB of Intel proprietary data and source code to Mega. She obtained data from another hacker who claimed to have breached Intel around May 2020, and described it as the first, with more Intel-related leaks to follow. In January 2021, Crimew was involved in the Nissan source code leak and said they obtained the leaked code after learning about a Bitbucket server set up with a default username and password from an anonymous source.

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