Tire Nichols’ family was given the opportunity to hear more about what transpired before he was rushed to the hospital when they visited with officials in Memphis, Tennessee, on Monday. They watched CCTV from his arrest earlier this month. He passed away there a few days later since the situation was grave.

The video evidence, which Chief Cerelyn Davis indicated would be made public at a later time, was shown to Nichols’ family during a meeting with officers and city representatives, the Memphis Police Department said in a statement on Twitter.

She stated that “transparency remains a high priority in this case” and warned against the possibility of the criminal investigation and trial being harmed by an early release. To decide when it is appropriate to make the tape publicly available, “we are working with prosecutors.”

A news conference will be held by the Nichols family on Monday afternoon, according to a statement from Benjamin Crupp, the family’s lawyer.

Nichols, a black guy of 29 years old, died as a result of police using excessive force on the public, particularly young black men, in a string of recent high-profile cases.

In connection with Nichols’ death on Jan. 10, three days after detectives pulled over a car they identified as Nichols, the Memphis Police Department terminated five black officers for alleged reckless driving the day before.

After a standoff, “the suspect fled the area on foot,” according to a statement posted by the police on social media. Following a chase by police, there was another altercation before the man was apprehended, according to the statement.

When the suspect started having trouble breathing, an ambulance was brought to the site. According to investigators, the suspect was transported to St. Francis Hospital in a severe condition.

A few days later, Nichols passed away, claims the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. Investigations into civil rights have also been opened by the FBI and Justice Department.

Nichols’ injuries and the reason for her death were not made public. The Shelby County Coroner has been contacted by CNN for comment.


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