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Trump District Attorney: Prosecutors in charge of the Trump criminal probe have resigned their positions (The Associated Press) – New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has resigned. After abruptly resigning on Wednesday, the two prosecutors in charge of the Manhattan district attorney’s criminal investigation into former President Donald Trump and his business activities cast doubt on the investigation’s viability at a time when Trump is facing mounting legal pressure on a StorieReview of fronts.

Trump District Attorney
Trump District Attorney

Carey Dunne and Mark Pomerantz, two of the district attorney’s top deputies who were in charge of overseeing the investigation on a daily basis, have resigned, according to a spokeswoman for Alvin Bragg. Both began working on the Trump investigation while working for former District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr., and when Bragg took over as District Attorney in January, he urged them to continue working on the inquiry. During a multi-year period, Dunne, the office’s previous chief counsel, was successful in his advocacy before the United States Supreme Court on Trump’s tax returns.

Former mafia prosecutor Pomerantz, who had been involved in interrogating witnesses before the grand jury, was recruited out of private practice by Vance last year to offer his expertise in white-collar investigations to the probe.”We appreciate their service,” Danielle Filson, a Fort Bragg spokesperson, said in a statement. She declined to provide any additional information, citing the ongoing investigation. According to the New York Times, the grand jury investigation has come to a halt, with no hearings scheduled in the previous month, and Dunne and Pomerantz have quit after Bragg expressed qualms about pursuing a case against President Donald Trump individually.

There has never been a single criminal prosecution brought against a former president in the United States. In the nearly three-year inquiry, the Trump Organization and its long-time finance chief Allen Weisselberg have only been accused of tax fraud in connection with costly fringe benefits such as rent, vehicle payments, and school tuition. The probe is still ongoing.

Dunne and Pomerantz for more Comments

Trump didn’t immediately respond to the news report. During a telephone discussion with his attorney, Robert Fischetti, he stated, “I am a very happy man.” “This study, in my opinion, has reached its conclusion.” Fischer said he has not spoken with Bragg about the investigation or potential charges against Trump, but he believes the D.A. has reviewed the issue and has indicated to his staff that he is not interested in seeking an indictment against the president.

“My client has done absolutely nothing wrong,” Fischetti stated. “The resignations of Dunne and Pomerantz indicate that they have serious reservations about what is going to happen in the upcoming inquiry,” says Duncan Levin, a former Manhattan prosecutor who represents a witness in the Trump investigation. According to Levin, “what is certain is that a large number of resources have been committed in this investigation, and its future appears to be quite gloomy.”

The resignations are likely to provide a boost to Trump, a Republican who has hinted at a second presidential bid in 2024 despite a succession of legal setbacks in recent months. During his campaign, Trump regularly criticized the New York investigations as politically motivated and unsubstantiated, stating in a statement last week that Democratic prosecutors were devoting “record amounts of time, energy, and money” to attempting to “get Trump.”

Trump District Attorney
Trump District Attorney

Trump’s legal challenges, on the other hand, continue. Several court orders have been issued against him, including an order to testify under oath in a parallel civil investigation into whether his company misrepresented asset values; a judge in Washington has refused to dismiss conspiracy lawsuits seeking to hold him liable for the Jan. 6, 2021, riot in the United States Capitol; and the National Archives has revealed that classified information was discovered in 15 boxes of White House records that were delivered to his Mar-a-Lago residence.

New York Attorney General Letitia James

“The investigation is still ongoing, and there is a large team of people working on it,” the office of New York Attorney General Letitia James answered when asked if Wednesday’s revelations would have an impact on the civil investigation. The Jan. 6 committee is still investigating the revolt and what role Trump played in supporting it, and a Georgia investigation is looking into whether Trump broke the law when he attempted to have President Joe Biden’s 2020 election victory reversed. As a result, a special grand jury will be convened in May and will serve for a period of up to one year in this situation.

After originally looking into hush-money payments made on his behalf to women, the Manhattan District Attorney’s office expanded its investigation in 2019 to include whether the president’s company misled lenders or tax authorities about the value of its real estate holdings. Bragg expressed satisfaction with the continuity that Dunne and Pomerantz had provided to the high-profile investigation as he took over the D.A.’s office from Vance, who withdrew to run for reelection after winning the battle over Trump’s tax returns. During a press conference on Jan. 20, Bragg stated, “I feel the one continuity is the staffing, and (Vance) has brought on excellent lawyers to accomplish it.”

According to Bragg, “and they’ve been dedicated,” and the investigation team has been striving to keep them in place while also considering what resources will be required to continue the investigation and be “in a position” to make decisions regarding the probe’s trajectory. During that time, Bragg, who was prohibited from discussing the topic in detail due to ethical restrictions, stated that he was learning about the Trump investigation and that he would “follow the facts.”

He did not provide a date for when a decision on charges will be rendered. According to Bragg, “it is a matter that is on my radar screen, as you might anticipate, and one that I am mindful of and paying attention to,” he continued.

Trump Organization filed Court Papers on Tuesday

Mr. Weisselberg, the only person charged in the investigation, has entered a not guilty plea to allegations that he took $1.7 million in illegal payments and failed to remit the money to the proper authorities. The lawyers for Weisselberg and the Trump Organization filed court papers on Tuesday in an attempt to have the case dismissed. Our client’s attorneys alleged that the District Attorney’s office was targeting him in punishment for his refusal to turn against the former president.

Trump District Attorney
Trump District Attorney

Reporters Jim Mustian in New York and Kate Brumback in Atlanta collaborated on the writing of this piece. The criminal investigation of the former president and his family in Manhattan has hung large over the former president and his family. During an attempt to have subpoenas for their depositions in a parallel civil inquiry launched by the state attorney general dismissed, attorneys for Trump, his son Don Jr., and daughter Ivanka Trump expressed concern about a criminal investigation that is still underway. Ultimately, a New York judge sided with Trump, ruling that the attorney general had the legal right to hear their testimony in the case.

According to the New York Times, the prosecutors submitted their resignations when the district attorney expressed doubts about pressing through with the Trump case. In response to requests for additional information, the district attorney’s office has declined to give any such material. Trump is also currently the subject of a separate criminal investigation in Georgia, where Atlanta-area District Attorney Fani Willis has been looking into the former president’s attempt to overturn President Joe Biden’s victory in the state election for the past year. Trump is also under investigation in New York and Georgia.

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