TikTok: How to Participate ‘soldier, poet or king’ quiz as Trend Goes Viral

TikTok has got hold of another quiz trend called the “soldier, a poet, or a king” that’s making all love it. Well, quiz trends on TikTok have always been something that users love to try. As each of these quizzes is unique in its own way. But what’s making the “soldier, a poet, or a king” quiz so viral? Here’s we’ll tell you the answer and how to try it.

Read ahead to know more about TikTok’s viral “soldier, a poet, or a king” quiz trend.

TikTok’s “soldier, a poet, or a king” quiz trend goes viral

TikTok over time introduced a StorieReview of content on the platform. Which makes users love the platform even more. While we are having hacks, dance videos, fitness videos, and many more such trends. The one that users love to dive into is quiz trends.

@lemonboyseb according to the uquiz test I’m a poet which was kinda expected- #soldierpoetking #uquiz #viral #soldier #poet #king #hewilltearyourcitydown ♬ original sound – It was never meant to be o7

We have had enough of quiz trends going viral on TikTok.But the recent obsession is all about the “soldier, a poet, or a king” quiz trend that’s going viral. Just like other quizzes, even this one needs you to answer some questions, and then it lets you know which among soldier, poet, or king is best suited to your personality.

How to try the viral “soldier, a poet, or a king” quiz trend on TikTok?

If you wish to try TikTok’s latest obsession over the “soldier, a poet, or a king” quiz trend. Then here we will tell you how you can try it yourself to find out if you are a soldier, a poet, or a king. The quiz is available on the Uquiz website. Where you have to visit and find the “soldier, a poet, or a king” quiz among other types of quizzes on the website.

@rxgulusblackslover this better not flop it took me hours. #marauders #maraudersera #marauderstok #maraudersedit #jamespotter #jamespottersupremacy #remuslupin #remuslupintok #remuslupinsupremacy #siriusblack #siriusblacksupremacy #soldierpoetking #fyp #fypシ #foryou #foryoupage ♬ original sound – ellie (taylors version)

After which you need to enter your name and then “Start quiz”. You’ll have to answer 20 questions under this quiz. With the options of answers available for you. The questions may be like “What is duty”, “What does anger feel like” and many more. You need to answer them with the answers that suit the best to you. The answers once submitted will let you know which soldier, poet, or king you are.

Users’ reaction to TikTok’s “soldier, a poet, or a king” quiz trend

Users have always found quiz trends to be amazing. While they have tried some of them before. This time with the “soldier, a poet, or a king” quiz to they have been sharing the results with all on TikTok.TikTok users have been trying the quiz trend and even sharing its results on TikTok.

Some of them have even passed on the quiz to their friends and family members. To share their results on TikTok too. While the hashtag of the quiz has got millions of views on the same.

@fictional_simp04 i know this has been done a million times before but im out of ideas #marvel #mcu #steverogers #tonystark #thor #soldierpoetking ♬ Soldier, Poet, King – The Oh Hellos

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