The video of the woman stabbed 39 times by her partner in a motel in Trujillo Peru

The horrific moments businesswoman Fiorela Daz Daz (32 years old) endured when she was stabbed by her ex-partner Elmer Lucano Llanos, who is currently being held in El Milagro de Trujillo (Milagro de Trujillo), were captured on a security camera installed in her home in La Libertad after the San Pedro de Roc Preliminary Investigation Court found him guilty of significant homicide of a woman during.

In response to the image, Lucano Janos broke into a woman’s home in the La Libertad neighborhood of Pacasmayo province at 1:10 am on Sunday, July 18. He first went to the kitchen to retrieve the knife he had been using to perpetrate crimes, then he proceeded to his eldest daughter’s room. He nevertheless relocated to a separate room after failing to find his ex-partner.

In a different location, Lucano found Fiorella with her current sidekick Jorge Ernesto Corchado Marka, and stabbed him repeatedly first. Later on, he was hurt and fled, leaving Fiorela with the attacker alone herself. According to the image, the girl was attacked for less than 25 seconds. “There is no doubt that the victim was attacked intentionally. Sadly, she had 39 stab wounds across her body, according to Juan Alvarado Espinoza, the victim’s family’s attorney.

The attorney continued by saying that it was still under investigation as to whether the person suspected of killing the girl was assisted by someone before entering the victim’s home. “A week ago they changed her plate, and she or he entered without effort,” he said. When the murder suspect attempted to flee to the city of Vargayok in the Cajamarca region after the incident, she was apprehended by the police. Additionally, her cousin Salomón Llanos Cieza’s motorcycle was detained.

Because her ex-partner and her current partner had been brutally attacked when he interfered, there were still blood stains on her jeans. According to a police report, Elmer Lucano Llanos, the person accused of killing females and attempting to kill others, had a number of police complaints from 2017 to the present, including physical and psychological abuse as well as abandonment. The unfortunate businesswoman’s family admitted that he didn’t get the justice he needed since, despite the protections and limitations, he wasn’t given the safety he desired. The suspect was moved to the Trujillo jail under severe security conditions, where he will be detained while the inquiry is ongoing.



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