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The Big Jubilee Lunch.Com: Visit to get your free pack and join the party that’s right up your alley! Eden Project and the National Lottery Community Fund are collaborating to bring you this event. PG Tips, Iceland Foods, and Nextdoor are among the sponsors. Our 2022 starter packets (full of ideas, motivation, and pointers to get you started) are now available.

The Big Jubilee Lunch.Com
The Big Jubilee Lunch.Com

The online versions will be provided to you when you register, while the postal copies will take a few weeks to arrive at your door – they’re already rolling off the presses! Simply enter your information and choose the pack that best suits you and your community. Please note that if you choose a postal pack, you will also receive the online counterpart; there is no need to register twice. Only one postal pack per home is offered; please help us make these resources available to more communities by only applying for one. When you’ve decided what you’ll do, come back and submit your event to our Big Lunch map (coming soon!) for a chance to win some Big Lunch goodies!

TIME TO PARTY What is The Big Jubilee Lunch, and how can I plan a street party to commemorate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee? The Queen’s 70th year on the throne will be commemorated with a four-day bank holiday celebration this summer. In what is known as the Big Lunch, communities around the country will come together to honor the longest-reigning monarch. Sign up for our email to get your monthly dose of inspiration, ideas, community, and Big Lunch news!

What is the Big Jubilee Lunch, Does it Entail?

The annual Big Lunch, an Eden Project initiative that began in 2009, has encouraged communities to get together and throw street gatherings in the spirit of friendship. Every summer, neighbors across the United Kingdom organize picnics, street lunches, barbecues, and other get-togethers to get to know one another better. People are encouraged to “enjoy friendship, food, and fun with neighbors” during The Big Jubilee Lunch on June 5, 2022, as part of the celebrations marking The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

In the summer of 2012, similar events were held to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Thousands of communities have indicated an interest in participating, with over 1400 currently enrolled. The organizers encourage everyone to participate in the neighborhood fun, stating that it can range from “a modest gathering in a garden, park, or driveway to a bigger celebration with trestle tables down the center of your street.”

Is a license required to host a Big Jubilee Lunch street party?

If you’re planning a street party to commemorate The Queen’s 70-year reign, make sure you get all of the necessary permits ahead of time. The best approach to accomplish this is to contact your local council at least 12 weeks before the event, as the request may take some time to process. This involves contacting the council by mid-March at the latest for this year’s Jubilee meal. You can apply to hold a street party in England and Wales by visiting the Government’s website.

There is no need for a license if the alcohol is offered for free at the event. Up to 11 p.m., there is no need for a license for food, although this may change if the celebrations extend late. In Scotland, the best approach to get permission is to contact your local council’s Roads and Communities department. If you live in an area where alcohol is not permitted in ‘public areas,’ you and your neighbors may have to limit your drinking and dining to private lands, such as a garden or a driveway. Unless it’s a ‘show,’ ‘demonstration,’ ‘concert,’ or selling alcohol, the parties don’t normally require a license.

The Big Jubilee Lunch.Com
The Big Jubilee Lunch.Com

Best way for organizing a Big Jubilee Lunch street party?

When planning a Big Lunch, the first thing to think about is the location, which may be anything from a back garden, park, allotment, or community center to a road or driveway with tables down the middle. There will be no need to take the day off work this year because the date has been chosen to coincide with the Platinum Jubilee bank holiday; simply check with your neighbors to ensure they all have the correct date.

Because of coronavirus restrictions in the previous two years, celebrations were kept small and many took place exclusively online, but this year, neighbors are urged to connect to one another and meet together in person. If you’re planning a neighborhood block party, make sure to send out invitations ahead of time, distribute event posters across the neighborhood, and post about it on community social media accounts. Seek out those who want to assist with the planning of the event and collaborate on the food, music, and entertainment. ‘We’re tremendously thrilled to be part of Her Majesty The Queen’s historic Platinum Jubilee celebrations,’ said Peter Stewart, Executive Director of the Eden Project, which is organizing The Big Lunch.

The nation is ready to get out and celebrate its community ties, and Her Majesty has provided us with a fantastic reason to do it! It’ll be the biggest and best Big Lunch yet, so mark your calendars for the first weekend in June next year for your community celebration.” Encourage your neighbors to decorate their homes and front doors for the holiday and engage in the festivities. The organizers of the Big Lunch have put together a starter pack packed with ideas, inspiration, and instructions that they will send out to anyone who wants assistance planning their own street party.



Last year, nine million people gathered in their gardens, local parks, on their streets, and even at online events to bring people together, and 77 percent of attendees said it was just what they needed after more than a year of Covid (Big Lunch Research 2021). Her Majesty the Queen When the Queen attended a special Big Lunch at the Eden Project in Cornwall during the G7 Summit, she was one of the millions of people who took part.

The Big Jubilee Lunch.Com
The Big Jubilee Lunch.Com

HM, The Queen, accompanied by Their Royal Highnesses The Duchess of Cornwall and The Duchess of Cambridge, HM The Queen, accompanied by Their Royal Highnesses The Duchess of Cornwall and The Duchess of Cambridge, HM The The Queen launched The Big Jubilee Lunch, which will be an official component of the Platinum Jubilee festivities this summer, urging people from all walks of life to come together in a spirit of community, friendship, and fun.

The Royal family gathered at the Eden Project to meet guests who had been nominated for their work and assistance in the Cornwall community during the previous year. The event celebrated the incredible achievements of individuals and groups who bonded their communities together throughout the epidemic, highlighting the critical role that community connections played during the pandemic.

HRH The Prince of Wales, Patron The Duchess of Cornwall’s backing, as well as the National Lottery’s continued sponsorship, enable The Big Lunch to encourage people to connect, celebrate diversity, and celebrate what matters to them where they live. Connected communities with people who know each other have higher resilience, making them better prepared to confront future crises. The tradition of street gatherings is ingrained in our culture.

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