Sal Piro: Founder Of The Rocky Horror Picture Show Dead – Cause Of Death

Sal Piro, who started Rocky Horror Pictures, has died, and the news of his death has been posted online. Sal was the person who started the cult-like group of movie fans. He was also in many movies and TV shows. He started out in the theater, but he left and started a fan club. He was also in many movies.

It was said that he was at home when he died, and many obituaries and condolences were written about him online. Stay tuned as we talk about Sal’s details and also about his illness. Sal was the president of the Rocky Horror Picture Show fan club from 1977 until now. He used to be involved with theater and has been interested in acting for a long time.

He did well in fan clubs, and he has also been in a lot of TV shows and movies. He was one of the unique people who went to the Waverly theater, which many people liked. In the 1970s, his fan club got a lot of attention and became famous all over the world. From there, many movies gained cult-like fan bases. Lillias Piro wrote in her Facebook post that Sal had died.

She also said that he died this weekend, on January 21, 2023, while he was in New York City. It was said that he died in his home, surrounded by people he loved, but the reason for his death has not been said up until now. She said that she was the first person to hear about Sal, and she also said that she just found out Sal had died recently. Even though he has worked for theaters for a long time. Lillias also said that she would wave to him in New York City.

Sal was the first person to organize the foundation or lay the groundwork for the fan club. He also wrote two books and has worked as an artist in theaters his whole life. He wrote the creatures of the night parts one and two. Besides that, he was also a well-known and loved figure in Cherry Grove, Fire Island, Long Island, and New York.

He was the manager of both the Ice Palace and the Grove Hotel. For over 23 years, he worked at the Grove Hotel as the executive producer of the Miss Fire Island pageant, Mr. Fire Island leather, and the Miss Grove Hotel contest. As was already said, he was also in a lot of movies. He was in the Rocky Horror Pseudo Sequel Shock Treatment.

Also, in the 2016 TV show The Rocky Horror Picture Show, in which he played a photographer, he was a photographer. He was in both movies and TV shows. He also played Scrabble in tournaments where he had to be good. Sal’s death was announced in an email from the Cherry Grove Community Association and the Cherry Grove Arts. They also sent their condolences.

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