Romanian Court has extended the detention of Influencer brothers Andrew and Tristen Tate

Many sources say that Tristen Tate and his brother Andrew Tate, who are both worth a million dollars and have a lot of influence, are now in police custody in Bucharest, Romania. The Romanian police said earlier that they had arrested the Tate brothers. However, they later said that the two of them will now be held in custody for a longer time, as the victims and other groups had asked.

The Tate brothers who were put in jail were involved in a case of sex trafficking. As a result, this case is now getting complicated and there are many suspects. Stay tuned as we talk about this case in more depth. The police said earlier that the Tate brothers were arrested before the New Year. However, many sources say that they were released a day after they were arrested.

Now that the Romanian police have made a statement, they said that the Tate brothers and two other suspects who were also involved in this case will stay in custody until February 27, 2023. It was also said that Tate’s lawyer’s detention has been extended by the Romanian court, and that this decision was made this Friday.

Many police statements said that the Tate brothers were being investigated in the human trafficking case. Two other suspects were also being held in the same case, and they were said to be involved with the Tate brothers. On the other hand, the Romanian Police did not say the names of the other two suspects. Besides trafficking people, rape cases were another charge that the Tate brothers brought.

And it was also said that a number of victims spoke up and said the same thing. The Romanian police made it clear that they have warrants to search five homes, and so far they have arrested four suspects. So far, we know that the people in custody are two Britons and two Romanians. A court in Bucharest said that the Tate brothers would have to stay in jail for 30 days while the court proved this statement.

The police also said that the four suspects and the Tate brothers were involved in human trafficking and were part of a group of criminals that did human trafficking and other things in Romania, Britain, and the United States. Aside from that, police searched even more homes, and a total of 12 homes were brought forward in this case.

Romanian police said that the two suspects lied to them and made them think that they only wanted to date a married couple. However, it turned out that they not only took the victim to Romania but also sexually exploited her and beat her up as well.

Police also said that this group of organized criminals allegedly used six people sexually, and that they raped one person twice or three times in March 2022. When we talk about the Tate brothers, Andrew is one of them. He used to be a boxer, and he and his brother put podcasts and other videos online in which they made rude comments about women.

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