MMA Fighter Josh Zarazua Aka Panda Cause Of Death, How Did He Die? Age, Funeral & More!

MMA fighter Josh Zarazua has passed away. According to reports, Josh was mentioned as an MMA fighter who was kind to his teammates, friends, and lovers. Josh struggles in his life, and his life has its ups and downs for him. Although not much is said about him and his life in the media, like many, he was a man of value.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Josh Zarazua Cause of Death

Many expressed their heartfelt condolences and prayers for their families. Stay tuned as we discuss Josh and his life in detail. The Legacy fighting alliance was the one who announced Josh’s death, and they did so through their Facebook page. They added that they were honored to be with Josh and honored to have him.

They added that it was an honor to have ham josh in their Octagon. They also send their deepest condolences, prayers and concerns to Josh’s family, friends and loved ones. Josh’s friend Hailey Cowan added that Panda (aka Josh) was a great teammate and was like a brother to him and the entire Blitz team. He added that he is an extraordinary father to children Amaya and Trey.

How did Josh Sarazua die?

Although the news of the death came out, the cause of death has not been mentioned so far. As mentioned earlier, Josh has been mentioned as a person with a friendly personality and a loving nature. Mental health advocate Dominic Bill’s post noted that Josh suffers from mental health issues and that he struggles with his own. While the cause of death was not specified, many believe Josh may have suffered from depression.

They added that the entire community was devastated by the news of Josh’s passing and offered condolences to the family. Josh, an MMA fighter from Louisiana, is also ranked No. 129 in the Southeastern US amateur men’s welterweight rankings. Josh appears in LFA 134, his debut on June 10, 2022. Josh, better known by his stage name Panda, is also loved and loved by many for his personality and demeanor.

Josh Zarazua: Wikipedia and Bio

Not only does he get along well with many people, but he is also willing to help others, which makes many people fascinated by him. Many people expressed their condolences to Josh’s family online when they commented on LFA’s post about Josh’s passing. A FB user commented that Josh made a lot of people laugh and he will always be in their minds as a great character. Meanwhile users are also praying for Josh and his family.

Another FB user added that thinking about Josh was like talking to Josh and wanting to spend more time with him too. He added that he met and became friends with Josh, and that he cherishes every day and every moment he spends writing sonnets with Josh. Yet another user added that pandas will always be missed and will remain in memory.

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