Mass Shooting At Half Moon Bay Today, 7 Dead & 1 Injured, Suspect in Custody

Two different places, San Mateo and Half Moon Bay, were scared the day after the shooting was said to have happened at Half Moon Bay. The police said that they knew there had been a shooting at two different dangerous places. It was also said that gunshots, injuries, and deaths happened at both locations while police and medics were on their way to help.

In these areas, a large police patrol was seen. On the other hand, the mass shooting also caused a lot of people to get hurt. Stay tuned for more information about this shooting. According to reports, there was a shooting in two different places close to half Moon Bay. This shooting happened this week, starting on Monday, January 23, 20243. While the police said it happened at a nursery on the 12700th block of San Mateo road at 2:22 p.m., they didn’t say what happened.

About four people who had been shot and were lying unconscious on the road were found here. After checking on the victims, it was decided that they were all dead. One person who was still alive and had serious injuries was taken to the Stanford Medical Center. Soon after this shooting site was closed, police found that there was a street closer to this area, near the 2100th block of Cabrillo Highway South.

Police found another shooting scene where they found three more victims, all of whom were dead. While the police were looking into this case, they found out who they thought shot the person, and they soon took the person into custody as well. In this case, the police said that the suspect was a 67-year-old man from Chunli Zhao who lived in Half Moon Bay. While the suspect was taken into custody when he was found in a car at 4:40 pm the same day.

Police said that they found the suspect in his car, and they also said that they found a semi-automatic handgun in his car. First, he shot the three people who were killed near where they lived or where he worked, and then he shot two other people who were nearby. A little while later, he also shot the other two near the street. Police also said that they don’t know why Zhao shot seven people. He was the only person involved in this shooting spree.

When talking about who died in the accident, it is said that they were workers who were doing their jobs near the properties. As the suspect is now in police custody, they said that there is no danger to the people who live nearby. After the shooting, there was a lot of patrolling going on as the investigation started. On the other hand, Supervisor Ray Muller said that the farmworkers were affected and that there were a lot of children in this area.

He also said that the whole community was saddened by what had happened. Christina Corpus, the sheriff of San Mateo County, said that this is a terrible tragedy for the whole community and that the families have lost a lot. The family reunification center was set up to honor the dead. It is held at IDES Hall, which is at 735 Main St. in Half Moon Bay.

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