LSU Student Madison Brooks Die, Four Men Arrested In Death Case

Louisiana’s Baton Rouge, A crash that happened this month almost a weekend killed a student from the university in Louisiana. It was said that the student was hit by the car, but now there is a new story saying that the student is also involved with guys who raped her. While this case was going on, a lot of information about it came out.

Madison Brooks was the name of the LSU student who died after she was hurt in a car crash and had to go to the hospital multiple times. New stories are coming up. Stay tuned, because we’ll be talking more about this case and police statements. Last week, Louisiana police said that Madison was in a car accident, and her case was also about to be closed. However, new information has been added to this case, and there are also new suspects in this case.

The police said that there were actually five people involved in this case. One of them was driving the car that hit Madison. Before she was hit, Madison was also raped. In the case of the rape, four men were arrested and charged. In the rape case, on the other hand, it was said that four people who knew Madison before she died were arrested.

When the car hit Madison, she was drunk. According to reports, she was standing at a dark corner of the road, where no one could see her, when an unknown driver hit her. Even though Madison was taken to the hospital, she still died because of her injuries. The police said that Madison was also raped. In this case, there are four more suspects, one of whom is a minor and the other of whom is an adult.

Two of the adults are still in high school. Madison was raped by two of them, one who was a teen and one whose name the police won’t say. Kaivon Deondre Washington, who is 18 and from Walker, Evertee Lee, who is 28 and from Pine Grove, and Casen Carver, who is 18 and from Denham Springs, were all named as victims by police. Lee and Casen were charged with first- to third-degree rape, and Kaivon and a third suspect, whose name was not given, were charged with second- to third-degree rape.

On the other hand, the other person, whose name isn’t known, is said to be a 17-year-old teenager. Lee and Casen were charged with principal third-degree rape because they were there when the crime happened, but they didn’t do anything to help. The police said that Lee, Casen, Kaivon, the other teen, and Madison were all drunk when they left the bar, and Madison asked Kaivon to touch her.

Kaivon and the other teen got close to her while Casen and Lee stood out. The teens asked for her permission, but when they were forced, they said no. On the other hand, after they got together, they left Maison, which is where Madison was hit and died. It is said that Kaivon, Casen, and Carver all went to Walker High School, and that Carver played baseball there.

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