Logan Paul can’t stop cringing listening to unreleased song with Yung Gravy

Published: 2023-01-23T11:55:33

Updated: 2023-01-23T11:55:42

Logan Paul has been left red-faced after leaking one of his own songs on his Impaulsive podcast — and if he didn’t already hate it enough, thousands of his fans called it “trash” in response too.

Logan Paul has succeeded in pretty much every walk of life he’s embarked on. As a YouTuber, he became one of the biggest names on the platform, before revolutionizing YouTube Boxing with KSI, eventually taking on Floyd Mayweather.

He even put out a fairly well-received diss track against NFL star Antonio Brown when they were beefing, but this latest sample of a song of his hasn’t quite been met with the same support, from fans as well as critics.

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While showing off a portion of the song on the Impaulsive podcast, alongside guest Yung Gravy, Logan was already cringing as he put his phone to the mic to play it, despite Gravy saying it’s “the hardest I’ve ever heard you spit.”

The Impaulsive Twitter account followed up with a poll, asking whether they thought the song was “fire” or “trash” — and the final results won’t have made Logan feel much better about it.

With over 4,000 votes on the poll, over 76% of voters said it was trash, amounting to over 3,000 people not liking it.

The comments weren’t very friendly either, with some users telling him to “delete the tweet” or to “keep it unreleased.”

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It’s fair to say that Logan probably didn’t have plans to release this track any time soon, but after reading some of those comments, it’s even less likely than it was before.

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