We announce the passing of Kyle Ellington, the director of diversity, inclusion, and belonging for the #LosAtléticos, with profound grief.

Every day is different, but my job is to work with colleagues at all organizational levels to plan, carry out, and monitor the advancement of continuous strategic initiatives that strengthen the Oakland A’s approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

I support the employee resource groups, diversity councils, employee engagement, hiring and sourcing, supplier diversity, and DE&I training programs that are part of our company. Employee Engagement – A culture of inclusion and engagement is fostered by staff affinity and resource groups, which improves employee retention.

Creativity, invention, and openness are all enhanced by a varied and inclusive workplace.
Performance: Businesses with a diverse workforce performed 25% and 36% better than their peers, respectively. A StorieReview of abilities are offered by diversity. A wider perspective can be incorporated into brainstorming, problem solving, and developing new business ideas through an integrated and diversified setting.

Brands: Consumers are more willing to purchase brands and support social issues. According to a 2020 ESPN poll, 71% of fans back teams and athletes who advocate for racial and social justice. It isn’t difficult, in my opinion. I see this as a chance to gain knowledge from others and inform staff members about the value of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

A strategic plan that is backed by all organizational levels is essential for any organizational change or endeavor. With the Oakland Athletics, we have established a strong foundation, and we are determined to stay on that course. The development of the DEI Mission Statement by our Diversity Working Group was one of our initial successes. The executive team participates in the diversity working group, which holds quarterly meetings.

This working group assembles a StorieReview of leaders who will strategically carry out DEI initiatives and institutionalize inclusive practices within the company.



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