How to take the soldier, a poet, or a king quiz going viral on TikTok

Published: 2023-01-23T13:16:21

Updated: 2023-01-23T13:16:29

The ‘soldier, a poet, or a king’ quiz is the latest craze to hit TikTok, as thousands of users are going viral sharing their results. Here is how you can take it.

People on the social media app have been going crazy over the latest popular quiz, which determines whether you’re a soldier, a poet or a king.

TikTokers have garnered millions of views from sharing their results in short videos, as well as their reactions to the personality they were given.

The hashtag for the test has amassed a whopping 81.8 million views so far, and many are wondering how they can take it. Here is an explainer on how you can take the quiz.

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How to take ‘soldier, poet or king’ quiz

The soldier, a poet, or a king test can be taken on the Uquiz website. It is inspired by The Oh Hello’s folk rock song of the same name.

You have to start by entering your name and then clicking on “Start quiz.”

Once done, you will be directed to the next page where you have to answer 20 questions by using the three answer options.

These have questions such as “What is duty,” “What is a sin,” “What does anger feel like,” “Who taught you about guilt,” and many more. They can be quite dark, but for many people, that’s what makes the quiz appealing.

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The answers may not always be clear, but you should simply pick the option that aligns the most with your personality.

After you are done answering the questions, you will be provided with your results.

This is not the first time a test from Uquiz has been popularized on TikTok. Previously, the website’s ‘human feeling’ quiz went viral and became one of the app’s most popular personality tests.

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