Famous DJ Franco; What Happened To Him? & Obituary

DJ Franco, who was from Jamaica, was a well-known radio host and broadcaster. He has now died. According to reports, this news came from both the radio station and the team. It is also said that the DJ, who was well-known and famous, was found dead in his home. Many people were shocked by the news and sent their condolences. For many people, this is very sad news.

According to the news, Franco died while he was at home. This family was the one who found him when he died. Stay tuned as we tell you more about how DJ Franco died. DJ Franco’s real name is Franco, and he works for Mello Fm. He is well known for his daily broadcasts, which he does every day. Even though the man has worked in radio his whole life, he is widely known as a DJ and is known by many people in the radio industry and their fans.

On a Facebook page, it was said that DJ Franco had died. Even though no one has said what caused the death and the news of the death has been made public, the family hasn’t said anything because no one has known or asked what caused the death yet. Reports say that DJ’s dead body was found in his house on January 23, 2023.


He was found dead in the Westmoreland home. His name is Courtney Francis, and he is from Western Jamaica. He has loved music and beats since he was a child. He became a radio jockey or DJ because he had a wide interest in music, which gave him a place to start in the radio market. Even though a lot of his fans liked him, a lot of people liked his style and the way he said his lines on his show. He used to say “Oh Jesus” on his show, which is also his catchphrase and favorite phrase.

Francis or Franco was in the service line in addition to being a DJ or radio show host that many people liked. He was a police officer who worked as a detective corporal at the savanna la mar police station. He had been sick for a while. As a student at St. Jago High School, he liked to bet, and as we’ve already said, he loved music. Because of this, he was very passionate about talking about and playing different kinds of music. A lot of people in the Radio world have paid their respects to him and sent the DJ their condolences online.

Fans sent out a string of Tweets, and many of them asked for prayers for his family. One of the fans said that he was loved and that it was sad to hear about his death. Rest in peace, star. Another user said that it was sad to hear that a legend like Francis had died, and he sent his condolences to Franco’s family and loved ones.

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