Couple’s honeymoon ruined by passenger’s ‘smelly feet’ on 10-hour flight

Published: 2023-01-22T21:53:44

Updated: 2023-01-22T21:53:53

A couple on their honeymoon had their dream flight ruined, after a passenger exposed their ‘smelly feet’ during a 10-hour journey.

The newlyweds were appalled by a fellow passenger’s terrible plane etiquette while on a long-haul “premium” flight to the Maldives.

Content creator Hannah (hannahalamode_) took to TikTok to document her “honeymoon blog,” which has now amassed over 324,000 views.

The video showed the couple’s airport journey, as well as the airline’s amenities, which included extensive legroom, beverages, and a free pillow, blanket and vanity case.

But the pair – who had upgraded their flights to premium economy to enjoy their honeymoon trip – were baffled when they caught a whiff of someone’s feet across the aisle.

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“This lady over here has just taken her shoes off. We’ve not even taken off yet,” Hannah said in the clip. “And her feet are so smelly. It smells so bad. We’ve got 10 hours.”

TikTok users in the comment section were appalled by the woman exposing her feet.

“Oh man, smelly feet is a no no,” one user wrote. “You should have told the lady to put her shoes back on,” another said.

“People that take their shoes off and have smelly feet on a plane should go to jail immediately,” a third added.

Others, however, were more focused on the fact that the couple splashed out on premium economy rather than first class.

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“Why don’t you just fly first or downgrade to business if it’s your honeymoon?” one user questioned.

“Guess you were hoping for an upgrade at check-in,” another said, to which the TikToker replied, “Would have been nice, but we bottled it and didn’t ask.”

This is just the latest flight-related story to go viral on TikTok, after a woman filmed an elderly passenger sending a racist email about her.

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