Couple go viral after exposing ‘Home Depot guy’ cheating on fiance

Published: 2023-01-23T10:07:14

Updated: 2023-01-23T10:16:04

A couple have gone viral on TikTok after they tried to find out if their friend’s fiancee was cheating on her as she grew suspicious of him. 

No matter what social media platform you use, relationship drama is always one of those things that always attracts a massive amount of internet. 

It’s been the same story over on TikTok, as we’ve seen the drama behind ‘Couch Guy’ and even how one guy got exposed for cheating as his girlfriend scrolled through her For You page and found clues from a GRWM video. 

Now, a couple have gone viral as they were recruited by their friend to play amateur detectives as she tried to find out if her fiancee was cheating with his ex-girlfriend. 

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TikToker go viral trying to expose ‘Home Depot guy’ for cheating

TikToker’s Emma and Joe were assigned to the case back in mid-December, originally posting a clip of themselves heading to a Home Depot to try and find their friend’s fiancee. 

“We didn’t find him but she said his location put him at his ex’s apartment & then at Home Depot. Sus,” they captioned the post, which attracted over 3.2 million views. 

They followed that up with another trip to try and catch him out, but had to catch a flight to do so. The pair kicked the TikTok off by rating their travel experiences, before apparently finding their friend’s fiancee.

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“Finding out he has a whole wife and kid. 0/10,” they captioned the final image, seemingly bringing the case to a close. That follow-up blew up even more than their initial post, gaining over 5 million views.

“We got a nice mini vacation out of it but my friend is sad,” Emma added in the comments, before questioning how someone could lead two lives. “Right like I can barely handle one life.”

The pair gained plenty of compliments from viewers for going the extra mile in helping their friend out too. 

“They don’t make friends like this anymore,” said one, while another questioned if their services were still for hire to help with their own suspicions.

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