BLINKS Trends “Lisa Leave YG” As BLACKPINK’s Lisa Has Reportedly Been Offered $81 Million USD To Leave YG Entertainment

On January 23, 2023, an insider from South Korean diversion detailed that BLACKPINK’s Lisa has been offered $81 Million USD (100 billion KRW) to leave YG Amusement.

Through an investigator report, it has been anticipated by NH Venture and Protections that K-pop young lady bunch BLACKPINK will reestablish their agreement with their organization YG Diversion. Notwithstanding, a media report by Munhwa Ilbo states differentiating subtleties.

As BLACKPINK’s select agreement with YG Diversion reaches a conclusion in August 2023, numerous outlets are making suspicions about whether the gathering will consider remaining with them or joining different offices. Munhwa Ilbo expressed in their report that it will not be simple for YG Amusement as the individuals from the gathering are being offered a lot more significant salary from different names.

Notwithstanding, when fans became mindful of BLACKPINK’s Lisa being offered a strong amount of $81 Million USD, they couldn’t hold back their energy. By bigger agreement, Squints maintain that she should switch names. One fan tweeted:

It has been accounted for by Korean media that BLACKPINK will just not break their steadfastness to YG Diversion for cash. Nonetheless, K-insiders accept that YG Amusement ought to propose north of 20 Billion KRW per part. A few fans even accept that the send off of the new gathering Child Beast has been finished to close the recharging of the agreement with the gathering.

At the point when the fresh insight about Lisa being offered $81 billion circulated around the web via virtual entertainment, YG Diversion stock began dropping rapidly, and fans were amped up for the destruction of the organization. The purpose for Squints being thrilled about name’s misfortune is a direct result of the treatment they give Lisa. They accept that since the gathering was shaped, they have never dealt with her like different individuals.

Since BLACKPINK’s Lisa has displayed the worth she holds in the South Korean media outlet, fans maintain that she should leave YG and get the cash she is as of now being advertised. They believe she should liberate herself from the mark so she can develop as a craftsman without any extent of being taken advantage of by an organization.

It has additionally been accounted for that BLACKPINK’s Lisa has a flat out and strong impact in South East Asia, like China, and the restoration of the agreement with YG Diversion wouldn’t be a smooth cycle. Subsequently, the name ought to set itself up to offer more cash and affirmation to the individuals from the gathering.

There are many motivations behind why fans believe that BLACKPINK’s Lisa should reevaluate her choice in regards to the restoration of her agreement with the organization this approaching August. Since she initially hails from Thailand and doesn’t have anything to do with South Korean citizenship, fans guarantee there are many occurrences where the office abused her.

On one event, when BLACKPINK’s Lisa approached her name to send her to a dance show, they sent her to a tactical show where she needed to work like a genuine soldier and go through numerous troublesome conditions. As guaranteed by fans, she was harmed and had zero control over her tears. Aside from this, during many projects and occasions, Lisa has been missing on numerous occasions.

Besides, BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s fans actually recollect how YG just paid for a Weibo special promotion for Jisso, Jennie, and Rose. The three individuals were seen on the pennant, except for the Cash vocalist.

It has likewise been accounted for that since BLACKPINK’s Lisa is an outsider, she was getting compensated multiple times not exactly the other three individuals. In many occurrences, YG kept numerous limitations getting Lisa far from working with different brands.

Elsewhere in the world, BLACKPINK’s Lisa as of late procured designations for SG Collab with DJ Snake, Megan You Steed, and Ozuna at the 2023 Premio Lo Nuestro grants.

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